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Welcome to the official MySQL Replication information site. This site is dedicated to providing the community the latest news, documentation, and releases of the MySQL Replication system.

Replication is the distribution of a database over two or more servers. The purpose is to generate two or more viable copies of the databases to increase reliability and availability. Following that paradigm, MySQL Replication (available in version 3.23.15 and higher) is designed to provide high availability, load balancing, scale-out and offsite duplication of data.

Indeed, MySQL Replication in its simplest form allows databases to be replicated from one machine (the master) to another (the slave). A prerequisite for replication is the master must have binary logging turned on. That is, the master must be recording all changes to data and metadata in a log that can then be transmitted to the slave and replayed. In this way, replication allows a slave to mimic the data on the master by reproducing the steps that occurred on the master via the binary log.

For more information about how to use MySQL Replication, please see the Replication chapter of the MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual.

We hope that you will find MySQL Replication an excellent addition to your data protection and recovery plans.