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Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews is a member of the MySQL and Java communities since 1996, and joined MySQL as a developer in 2002. He is currently an architect for the MySQL Enterprise Tools team at Sun Microsystems. Prior to joining the Enterprise Tools Team, he was the original developer of MySQL's JDBC driver and still participates in the JDBC Experts Group. Before joining MySQL, Mark worked as a consultant helping deliver applications for the finance, healthcare, retail and cosmetics industries

Andy Bang

Andy Bang is the founder of the MySQL Enterprise Tools team. He wrote the initial specifications for the Enterprise Monitor after conducting extensive customer research, helped develop each release, and has authored most of the rules that power the Monitor's advisors. Before joining MySQL, Andy helped design and build an enterprise expense management application, and worked as a consultant developing applications for the government and the offshore oil industry. Andy lives in the Bay Area and works for Sun Microsystems.

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